Frequently Asked Questions, one of the best known brands and the world's largest matrimonial service was founded with a simple objective - to help people find happiness.
The Company CEO Ehi Joshua has been working hard By redefining the way people meet for marriage, has created a world-renowned service that has touched over 3 million people. is Proudly Powered by Afrideals Ng Services

We use paystack payment gateway service provided, which makes it safe to do online transactions. Account activation process for paystack money is comparatively very easy then others which makes it more suitable. In this site paystack has been added for every transactions package purchasing, product purchasing , advertisement , blog packages, customer package etc.

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Our System encourages such married couples to post their marriage success stories. Such posted stories increase the credibility of a matrimonial site.

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Our system gives the opportunity for a user to simply configure their profile such as set Profile Pictures, Edit profile etc. in an easier way

We have developed our system so that a member will get notifications for others members reactions on them. When a member will be expressed interest or someone accept/reject their interest expressed on others, he/she will be notified by our system.

A member can Ignore any user they want through our system.Ignored member’s will be listed on separately.From the list users can easily unblock again the ignored members

Any member can follow others and can have a list of followed members on their profile. Following a member will also result in adding a new follower for the member who is followed.

A member (free/premium) can shortlist others and can have a list of shortlisted members on their profile.

In our system messaging section is a totally automated smart system to communicate with each other.A premium member is able to do messaging with another premium members.To message others one has to enable messaging for every particular member.  

Among the additional features that a Premium Member can get, expressing interests over other members is one of them. It is verily one the of the major features and expressing an interest on a member will notify the other member to whom the interest is expressed.

We have also integrated our search engine in such a way when a user is searching for their bride/groom they will be able use the advanced search mode. In advanced search mode members can be filtered according to their Gender, Age, Marital Status, Religion, Caste/Sect, Mother Tongue, Country, State, City and Height. These Members can also be filtered by their membership (free/premium).

“Search” is one the most important options in our system. We have developed the most significant searching engine for our members. This search engine is  as specific as your users can filter any members by Gender, Age, Religion, Mother Tongue and Height.

Members who have already Registered but did not purchase any premium packages are considered as Free Members. Free member has limited access to the site and to experience all the features of the system one needs to get Premium Membership.

Premium Plan is the feature that makes our subscription system interesting. A member can purchase any of the plans to get Premium memberships. We have included into the system four different Premium Plans i.e.Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. These Packages are categorized depending on the facilities a user can get from these packages